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How Does a Grupo Yucatan Immigration Consultant Help You?

It is common for a person to be confused when filling out forms. Most people have numerous questions or trouble communicating with the Immigration Service. This is especially true when language is a barrier. We can help. We are immigration professionals.

  • Although we have attorneys on staff, our immigrant consultants handle immigration matters which do not require the more expensive services of an attorney but which still pose a problem to the applicant.
  • Our immigration consultants know about resources (such as document translators and other similar services) which may become necessary.
  • Our immigrant consultants advise which visa is appropriate. This can save time and money.
  • Our immigrant consultants can answer questions about the Immigration Service and its forms. We will help you fill out the forms.

In Mexico, immigration consultants are not certified or regulated. It is up to you to determine whether the consultant has the expertise and the knowledge to help you have a smooth transaction.

There are several ways to do this:

Get recommendations from trusted sources.
Ask professionals or friends to make recomendations.

Ask about education, experience and price.
Look for someone who has extensive experience with immigration and is affordable.

Ask for referrals.
Ask to speak to previous clients. Ask about their experiences. Ask if the immigration consultant can do that the applicants can not do for themselves.

We are highly respected. We are on top of the lists of many
knowledgeable referrers,


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