Grupo Yucatan Consultants

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Grupo Yucatan

Grupo Yucan Consultants was founded by Marty Patrick, a Miami attorney with 30 years of experience in real estate and immigration law.

As a resident of Yucatan, he saw the need for an association of the best professionals in real estate, immigration, business formation, taxation and insurance. He also assembled a group of the very best resources in Yucatan to serve your every need.

He also saw that many visitors and residents were frustrated by the quality of the work provided by some of the more prominent local professionals be they from the US, Canada or Mexico. Many returned home because no one was available to really understand their problems or provide creative solutions. He also knew that language was a barrier to many ex-pats.

He gathered together the brightest and best people to help those who really needed affordable expert advice.

We welcome you to give us the opportiunity to serve you.

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